Cooperate on the aLobby

If you would like to work at the aLobby, please contact us. Especially the following abilities are required, from which you should at least one good to very well mastered:

  • Java-Developer for the aLobby
  • Translations into different languages
  • Grafic-Design (for aLobby and Websites)

Just post your request in the Forum.

If you would like to participate, you can also donate.

The team

Active Developers:

  • Adrian Kalla (adrianer)

The following players have participated:

  • FremeN
  • horkrux
  • JHNP727
  • unknown spirit

We also thank the following former developers for their engagement:

  • Amopyr
  • Grubber
  • Knight Jim
  • maximilius
  • Thomas Zwirner (zwirni)