aLobby - Features

The aLobby is a chat which offers for Settlers 3 and Settlers 4 the possibility to play the games with other players.

All currently open and running games are displayed above the chat and you can join the open games with one click.

Settlers 3 is controlled remotely by the aLobby from the moment you enter a game by reading the screen displayed so that the aLobby can determine the status of Settler 3. By simulating keyboard and mouse entries, the aLobby relieves the user of opening and joining multiplayer games.

The aLobby provides the following functions:

  • Chat with all users
  • Hosting and participate in multiplayer games for Settlers 3 and Settlers 4
  • Play Settlers 3 and Settlers 4 with a stable and future-proofed VPN-connection
  • automatic creation of statistic screenshots at the end of Settlers 3 games incl. administration of these
  • Automaticly Download Settlers 3-Maps from MapBase
  • Settlers 3 Bugfixes:
    • egyptian bow bug
    • divine shield of asians protects enemy instead of own soldiers.
    • the sound output of the amazon bees
  • League-Games for Settler 3
  • Playing tournaments with Settlers 3
  • Autosave of Settlers 3 games in individual intervalls from 2 Minutes
  • Disable the warehousing in game
  • Automaticly choose map in Settlers 3
  • Output of currently running Settlers 3 or Settlers 4 streams from Twitch and Youtube.
  • five permanently available aLobby themes (surface style of the window) and three temporarily available aLobby themes
  • various options to adjust the behaviour of the aLobby
  • Languages: German, English, Polish

Tutorials for the aLobby are available here.